Artist Development Programme

Artist Development Programme

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No matter your level, from absolute beginner to seasoned professional, the ADP programme helps you target your highest goals and ambitions, and then execute on solid, robust plan to help you make your transition.

Whether you're struggling to get your tracks finished to the right standard, having problems getting music signed, building your audience, getting the unique sound you crave, this programme is tailored for your to maximise your potential.

With expert 1-2-1 mentoring, support and a huge amount of personalised resources to help you along the way, as well as an ongoing action plan for your further post - programme development, the Artist Development Programme will exponentially accelerate your career development towards your life in music.


The ADP Programme a 6 month commitment, consisting of a weekly 2hr session, where you will deepen your understanding of music production and industry practices to really accelerate your development as an electronic producer and artist, to take you to the next level.

1. A Personalised Learning Plan

A personalised learning plan is formulated for your development, based on your current industry position, your desired career goals, areas of development and weakness that requires focus and practice during the programme.

This is a living document, that can change as you develop, and it's collaborative, a joint effort between you as the artist and myself as a mentor.

What The Course Can Cover:

  • Synthesis

  • Sound Design

  • Compression and Dynamics

  • EQ & Filtering

  • Mixing

  • Mastering

  • Workflow optimisation for your DAW of choice

  • Arrangement

  • Music Composition

  • Plugin specific training, such as Maschine, Waves, Spectrasonics, Soundtoys, Eventide, Native Instruments, Slate Digital

  • Social Media Workflow & Automation

  • Branding, Marketing, Developing your Fan Base

  • Strategies for being signed to better labels, Publishing, monetising your music

  • Creating momentum for your career as an artist

  • Networking skills and advice on how to build better industry relationships

  • Developing a clear mind and stronger thinking to guarantee development & success.

  • Further Artist Development planning post programme, to direct you for the next year after the programme is completed.

2. Session Recordings

Each session is recorded via state of the art Screen Capture for your review, revision and on going learning, leaving you with a total of 50+ hours of personalised learning to refer to and keep forever.

Offline support is also available via email outside of the regular sessions for further feedback / questions / guidance if you need it

3. Project & Resource Sharing

All DAW sessions and related resources will also be made available for download.

At the end of the program you'll have a robust framework to launch yourself as an artist with confidence, and strong direction to take yourself into the future.

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