Ableton Live 10 1:1 Course

Ableton Live 10 1:1 Course

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Take your skills in Ableton Live 10 to the next level with this one of a kind course.

The course is delivered 1-2-1 either in person, or virtually via Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts. 

The unique advantage with this type of course is it's delivered personally to you, in a way that makes sense for your goals and learning style.

It's like have a personal trainer for your music production skills.

How the course runs:

  • You complete the course over 10 hours, split into 5 x 2hr sessions, taken at your own pace.

  • A personalised Learning Plan is created for the course, catering to your individual targets and learning style.

  • Tasks will be set between each session, and constructive feedback given to keep you on track.

  • All sessions are recorded using state of the art Screen Capturing software, and made available to you after each session, for your ongoing review and reference.

  • All DAW sessions and other resources used in sessions will also be available to you.

What the course can cover:

  • Maximising The Potential Of The Session View

  • Arrangement View In Detail

  • Automation in Tracks and Clips

  • Drum Racks, Instrument Racks, MIDI & Audio Effect Racks

  • Ableton Instruments (Simpler, Sampler, Impulse, Drum Rack, Operator, Analog, Tension, Electric)

  • Workflow Maximisation

  • Ableton Push / Push 2 Controller Training

  • DJing in Ableton Live (Live Sets, Programmed DJ Mixes)

  • Warping Audio

  • Audio to MIDI Functions

  • Ableton Browser

Make Your Transition to Ableton Live 10 with MYT!

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